Incipe is a  business offering professional computer repair, laptop repair, mac repair, printer setup, networking, wireless set up, PC upgrade and IT support services to customers in Seychelles. The company, which is located on Revolution Avenue, was established in 2004 and has several years' experience in the computer services profession.

Incipe provide a complete computer maintenance and technology that supports and services home users and  businesses. 

Incipe offers a variety of Computer repair, laptop repair, Mac repair, Data Recovery, Virus removals network Setup, IT Support and services to the Businesses and Home users, which are designed to be cost effective at all times. 

Slow computer, wont browse the net properly? 

Viruses , Spyware, fake Anti Virus software in fact any Malware can have a huge effect on your Personal Computer, Laptop or Netbook and be very frustrating, not to mention risky with regard to your personal information and bank details etc. Just contact us, we spend most days happily removing malicious software from our customers computers so that when you get your PC or Laptop back from us, it works the way it should and always used to.

Pop ups, fake antivirus software you can't remove?  

The current trend is programs that claim to be Anti Virus or System Speed Up and System Clean Up Tools, they tell you that your machine is riddled with faults then pretend to actually fix your Laptop or PC for you.  Then they ask you for some money, card details and personal information etc.  Customers usually realise that this is a bogus claim and a fraud attempt but find it impossible to remove the fake software and the problem gets worse, sometimes making the infected system virtually un-usable.  It's our job to get your computer repair done! Get your machine working again within the minimum possible time frame.

Incipe (Seychelles) pty Ltd, 6 MS Complex, Revolution Avenue, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles Telephone: (248) 224673 / office@incipe.com